Reflection On Key Learning And Reflection

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1. PD Reflection

1.1 Key Learning and Reflection

I had always wanted to lead a strategic project – to be the “go-to” person and receive the accompanying accolades. But I soon realised that responsibility comes with risk. I aim to expand on this experience using the Atkins and Murphy Model of Reflective Learning (1994, cited in PD1-SG-7A Study Guide, 2016: 37).


My first project, as a manager, was to implement the company’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment program. I was eager to fulfil my mandate and repay the trust the company had placed in me. With six months to complete this project, I brushed the time constraint aside and was ready for the challenge.

With an approved budget, a project team, a detailed project plan and a cadence for tracking progress, I had the blueprint for success. However, as the weeks progressed,project meeting attendance dwindled and project milestones were significantly overdue. I tried to instil my authority by reprimanding individuals. I became emotional, lost composure and went into survival mode. With extreme coercive power and a significant impact on employee morale, the project was completed.


This leads me to question:
1. “Is my experience, past successes and career progression lulling me into thinking that I am more prepared than I really am?”
2. “Did I do the right things to anticipate potential discontinuities and challenges?”
3. “What hindered the progress of the project?”
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