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Last week I had an outpatient in the lactation client. I wrote her care plan and printed two copies, one for her and one to be faxed to her doctor office. After walking the patient out, I called the doctor’s office to get the fax number to fax the care plan to their office. I went to the fax machine to fax the plan and then I placed the plan in the shredding bin. I went and clocked out. I told the charge nurse I was leaving and she informed me that my fax did not go through.
From the experience I learned that I should of waited by the fax machine to make sure the fax went through and not put the printed care plan in the shredder. Instead, I had to reprint the next day and refax it.
Tell me about a time when you were given an assignment,
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I do not want to work for a hospital that is not working towards lowering this rate. Are the lactation consultants at this hospital IBCLC? The IBCLC is a certification that requires lots of breastfeeding education and hands on hours. Many hospitals don’t require lactation consultant to have this certification. Reflection: Describe one factor from the readings, which would be useful for you for your transition to practice. One factor from the readings that will be useful in my practice is the staffing lesson we learned about. I found that very useful and educational. When I get a full-time job at a hospital I will understand how staffing is done. Staffing needs to take in account nurse level and patient level (Walton, 2016). At my current job at the TCU we do not do staffing like this. We divide

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