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1. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to introduce leadership and management to have an insight into the different possible management methods, models and structures. Leadership is an acquired skill, it is achieved by hard work, the ability to give direction, support and to lead by example to achieve a common goal, inspire, motivate, support, align people and resources. The organization and its staffs are a reflection of my management style as a leader, and if I make authentic and proper decisions, my team will follow suit. True leaders have the ability to be practical, show self-devotion, set direction and feel for their people. Good leaders empower their teams do things proactively, efficiently and vigorously and have an open…show more content…
However responsibility and authority must have balance wherever authority is implemented responsibility arises. Characteristics of authority and responsibility are duties to perform, responsibility comes from authority, power to command, decision making. The advantage of authority and responsibility are have the power to enforce obedience or compliance and right to control others. The disadvantage of authority and responsibility are sometimes people misuse their authority. “An Authoritative leader never loses sight of the core purpose of the business and understands that this overriding sense of purpose is also the matter that most motivates employees.” My leadership style is a combination of one of Fayol theories which is Authority and function or models that we have covered in…show more content…
My passion to coach and mentor my team demonstrates a good position. I care a lot about empowering and growing people. This allows me to facilitate learning and development within the team. Helping people grow increases performance and productivity which will have a great effect on the bottom line. People will be able to view things from a different perspective. By enriching other people in various areas also contributes to improvement in my career. Mentoring gives me a great sense of personal satisfaction. I am currently coaching few of my subordinates and seeing this person blossom, make me very confident in what I

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