Reflection On Leadership And Nation Building

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Initially, I was quite apprehensive with regards to taking the leadership 3 course. This was because previous students who had taken this course had told me that the course required lengthy readings. However, because leadership 3 was one of the courses the University requires that every student take I had no choice but to adopt a positive mind set. My first lecture which was an introductory one and to some extent, it put all my worries to bed. My lecturer Nepati Nicanor, who I had heard so much about conducted an ice breaker exercise. Even though, we all knew each other it was still important. The reason was it initiated the process of building a sense of community among us. Also, she didn’t know us, so it was a good way of introducing ourselves to her. After this was done, we paired ourselves into groups and reflected on the key insights we took from leadership 2. For me in particular one key concept I took from leadership 2 was the importance of the rule of law. The rule of law is important because it ensures that the legitimacy of the state is preserved. After doing this we were then put into groups and assigned a book to read and do a presentation on in the third week. My group was made up of Alex Aseidu, Nadine Majdoub, Herbertha Morrison, Naa dromo Laryea and Derrick Omari. The book we were assigned was “Leadership and nation building” by Prof Stephen Adei. Moving on to the following week, Nepati decided that we should have a quiz. This lead to me being plagued with

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