Reflection On Leadership In Nursing

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Qualities that make an effective nursing leader are the same qualities that many other nursing staff and general public possess. Such as, the ability to support and empower their team members, be well organized, remain consistent with their expectations, and be able to communicate with their team.
Support and empower the team members
An example of this quality is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) on one of the units at Wascana Rehabilitation Center (WRC), where I had one of my clinical rotations. This nurse would ask each staff member if they had any concerns during their daily huddles. Particular case that was discussed for a few days was regarding a patient’s family member (distant) who would visit every Tuesday and steal patient’s …show more content…

During one of my clinical experiences on an extremely busy unit I was watching nurses communicating with each other during a morning report. It looked like it was going to be a busy shift as they were working short. I was on that team and they asked me if I could straight catheterize a patient who has not voided for six hours as soon as possible. I was excited to help them out and to perform my first catheterization. Prior to that shift I had read over that procedure and felt ready to do it. Because everything that morning was moving at a fast rate I had started to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I was questioning myself and my abilities in that particular skill. I did not want to harm a patient with my inexperience. My instructor was going to watch me, and I told her that I feel unsure of myself. She talked through the procedure with me and with her calm demeanor and assurance I was able to perform that task with no problems arise. Her communication skills helped empower me with confidence needed to execute my task. If she not for her walking me calmly through that procedure I would have missed out on my education. I was lucky enough to do that task two more times and felt comfortable while executing that task.
All the qualities mentioned above are the qualities that make a good and an effective nursing leader. However, from these examples we can see that having leadership qualities does not always refer to those who are managers. Nursing staff I worked with, my fellow students, faculty who have taught me also possess these

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