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Leadership Reflective Paper 1 Question 1: Key Opportunities for Development The three areas for development opportunities identified for myself relate to me looking at myself (Personal Mastery), looking at how I relate to others (Emotional Intelligence and Empathy for Others) and looking at how I look at teams as a whole (Leading Teams). These are discussed below. Personal Mastery This skill was not evident to me when I first started this program. But as I self-reflect I remember two occasions where I had a feeling of “do I belong here” or “am I up to scratch” versus the people I was interacting with on this course. The first occasion was at the Graduation and Induction Ceremony in Sandton. Listening to the key note speakers, Raymond Ackerman and some of the previous year graduates, I questioned within myself how I, someone who grew up so disadvantaged, could ever compete with these highly intelligent and successful people. The second occasion was the first day of classes at Henley where I sat and listened attentively to all the questions and statements raised by my fellow delegates. Wow, everyone was so knowledgeable I thought, what and how am I going to contribute to this group without looking foolish. The personal mastery session by Megan Hooper started the self-reflection that led to the narrative above. I’ve learned that as a leader I need to take time out for self-reflection. The benefits of self-reflection is that it helps me to understand and be aware of the

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