Reflection On Leadership Style

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SPD2311 Leadership in Practice
Analytical reflective essay

A good leader with effective leadership is key to business success. The self-titled biography book of Steve Jobs is selected as a reading material because he is a successful leader to the Apple. The book was written by Walter Isaacson and released by Simon & Schuster in the United States. The reasons for selection of the book base on two aspects. The life story of Steve Jobs is very attractive in the world; moreover, he was an unconventional leader and help the Apple to be one of the most successful companies in the world. During reading this book, it describes the leadership style of Steve Jobs with personality, strengths, and weaknesses in his story. According to the fundamental concepts of leadership, I can gain the positive leadership skills and avoid to adopt his negative side from this book. The book provides lessons about innovation, character, leadership, and values of Steve Jobs (Isaacson, 2011).

Apart from reading the book, my type of leadership style will be examined on attributes and personality traits. Furthermore, I will do my best to
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The two tests are done which are Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test and Big Five Test (IPIP-NEO Narrative report). Firstly, the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test shows that my personality type is INTJ. INTJ stands for introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment. Jaceris (2016) states that INTJ personality traits are the strength of logic, rational thinking, planning and like architects or masterminds. In the INTJ report, I know that I have a slight preference for introversion over than extraversion. As a good leader, extraversion is more important to communicate with people. I should improve myself with full of energy, friendliness, and draw the attention of people. Moreover, I have moderate preference of judging and intuition but the slight preference of thinking over
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