Reflection On Leadership Styles

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Based on the leadership styles questionnaire, my primary leadership style is authoritarian. However, I was only a two point away from being labeled a democratic leader, which I think I am more of. I do and do not agree with this questionnaire. I can be an authoritarian leader because I believe it can be better to dictate policies and procedures along with setting goals that must be achieved so that everything and everyone is organized. However, I do not and would not want to control the assigned activities. Additionally, I would like is more if members of the group take a more participative role in the decision making even if there are set rules. I say this because I feel like the rules and goals set can definitely be changed with reason, I look at them more as a start or a draft to the bigger picture. Overall, I do agree since I would like to lead by telling a group what needs to be done and how it should be done, but I would like to also involve members in the decision making if something does not sound right or work well. For example, during my sophomore year I was a co-chair for the budget committee for the 2017 Black Excellence Gala. Along with my other co-chair, we had to form a committee by recruiting members. Once we had enough members, we had to assign roles and tasks needed to be done by each member. However, although the tasks were specified for each person, I was flexible in that if specific tasks were unnecessary or if we needed to add tasks, I would work with
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