Reflection On Learning As A Student Intern

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Chapter 3. Learning as a Student Intern 3.1 Being a part of the Media Mark As an intern I joined the finance department of Media Mark 7th of July 2014, a perfect day to take a start in the corporate world. I was first introduced to the manager of Accounts department sir Imran khan who affectionately welcomed me to the Media Mark. He briefly gave me an insight into the entire finance department and gave me a snapshot about the working of each department I was explained about the subdivision of finance department in Media Mark. I found out that in Media Mark there are two main sub division which are financial account first is operation and second is budgeting and planning .The former one includes; inventory department, receivable, accounts payables, network and non- network procurement department and the latter one includes treasury department, planning and budgeting unit. After having a brief know how of the entire work team of finance division of Media Mark I got set to handle my responsibilities. 3.2 Duties I was assigned different duties at Media Mark during my internship Understanding the overall workplace During first day I was asked to develop a thorough understanding of the workplace, the organization and particularly the operation of the finance department  Keeping records I was assigned the duty to keep the record by entering the receiving into the log sheet  Filling documents Filing of the vouchers filtered from the system was an integral part of the

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