Reflection On Learning Environment

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The learning environment encompasses more than just the classroom that learning and teaching takes place. Many factors contribute to a learning environment, including the students, teachers, parents, school staff, policy makers, specialists, support staff, community members and the different learning spaces and resources available. By creating collaborative relationships we can gain a greater depth of knowledge regarding student’s needs and abilities and implement new teaching practices to maximize teaching and learning. When relationships are built on trust, students and parents can play an active role within the learning environment and teachers and staff can work together to develop a learning environment that caters for and celebrates diversity. Consequently everyone feels a sense of belonging and empowerment because with relationships comes an understanding of the others needs, interests and concerns. Cramer and Stivers , argue that “collaboration is no longer an ingredient in school life but an essential feature”.
This reflective journal will discuss some ways that how a particular teacher set up the learning environment to maximize teaching and learning and to achieve the lesson objectives.

Class Observation Report

On Sunday, March 26th, I observed a Grammar class of English which meets from 8:45 am-9:20am. Before going into detail about this particular class, the instructor’s overall goals for the class, she has many. She strives for her

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