Reflection On Learning Experience

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Our trip to The Oyster Haven Centre took place on 26th September. During the Adventure Education experience we were placed into groups and were each allowed to contribute to the team in our own way; providing a variety of important skills and separate understandings of every activity. While at The Oyster Haven Centre, our instructors demonstrated group management and pedagogical skills. Observing and utilising these skills will prove extremely helpful in my own teaching experiences. Team Work and Team Roles Our team, the ‘apples’ possessed a variety of personalities which gave us a great advantage. We had a great thinker and problem solver, allowing us to work out each activity very quickly. Our team also consisted of highly active and enthusiastic members; everyone became involved in each activity. For example, one activity involved building a go-kart and everyone was enthusiastic about driving the car. The members of our team all bonded well together, avoiding any self-consciousness while contributing ideas. I felt I was enthusiastic while working with my team on the various challenges. I tried to get involved in everything without taking all of the control. I supported whoever was leading in the activity, for example during the skiing exercise. As another member called out the commands, I urged others to listen and co-operate with him. If any team member performed badly I encouraged them and reminded them that this was only a game. My role in the activities was similar
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