Reflection On Leeds Housing Concern

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Leeds Housing Concern (LHC) is a charity organisation working since 1970’s and providing housing support to homeless people (Berg, Paige, & Lou, 2012). The organisation has been developing new services like learning difficulties, control over drug and domestic violence enabling young people to undergo the treatment for safe and stable community. Leeds Housing Concern is unique in providing research work experience to undergraduate students by providing them working placement to complete their coursework by taking the role to carry out working; planning and assessment support (Leeds Health Concern). My placement as a Project work in Leeds Housing Concern was to complete training up to 154 hours and the main reason to apply in the community development program was my desire to work as a social worker within the public service and link the theory and practice for evaluating the quality service for the public that I would be working with. I am interested to share my working experience that would benefit my connection with the social care programs while gaining instructions from the staff and competent faculty. In this study, the 154 hours working placement was intended to provide me with the taste of the work experience while connecting it with the academic studies into the real world experience. Thus, this placement would enhance my skills and improve my ability and confidence whilst improving my reflection towards the academic studies and my motivation. The Reflection My

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