Reflection On Legislative Meeting

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Legislative Meeting Reflection The legislative meeting was easier to research compared to the political meeting. The site manages to give out the information the public 's need for their interest. I have a vague interest in things so, I decided to focus on environmental because of the many problems arise in these recent months. I found multiple bills in these meeting but one I found more interesting was. I reflected a lot on these experience. I will go over my experience through, the discussions, people involved and my overall experience with the legislative meeting. I found the meeting to be a different The topic I decided to take on was about the bill on licensing on public water. There needs to more policy on focusing on protecting water from being damaging or at least consequences for the effects. There are 24…show more content…
I did not know what to exactly do. There was a lot waiting for the meeting to start. I thought the person who led the discussion was taking a bit longer than expected. There was a disagreement with the person not able to attend another meeting because that conflicts with their time. I thought this to be a bit unprofessional to be discussing for the meeting. Especially, if a regular person who took their time to attend this meeting. I excepted that to be the end of the disagreements. But the person brought up a new argument and led to another time spent with useless information. Although, there was a lot of things I was surprised with the meeting. The people in the meeting were dressed professionally. Another thing I found surprising was the main people were in the center while the rest of us were sitting around. I was a bit confused at the beginning. I did not realize we had to pick up papers until the people in the center started to review a paper. Once, I grabbed the paper I saw numbers while the other packet contained bills. They mostly reviewed the packages and read over random
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