Reflection On Lessons Learned: A Mother's Life In Venezuela

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The interviewee currently lives in America although his business is out of Venezuela.

The interviewee empathized with this particular question, he reflected on his mother’s experience and what she currently goes through emotionally. His mother was raised in Venezuela and described how it was much different when she was a kid. The interviewee’s parents wanted the best for their children and knew that they wouldn’t get that in Venezuela because of the way things were then. He described how tough it was for his mother when she made the transition to America because most of her friends and family are still currently living over there. The interviewee was able to recognize that currently, Venezuela is not a place people want to visit and even though his mother misses her hometown and her family, she knows how dangerous it is. Watching the news, and hearing from friends and families that are currently struggling really hits home with her.
Reflection on Lessons Learned The interviewee I interviewed is a close family friend and prior to this interview, I was not aware of the differences we actually have. Based on our values, we are actually very similar. I define family in a similar way and believe family is a great support system and we should definitely rely on them as often as we can. The interviewee and I are both Catholics but worship in different ways. I do not pray to the rosary once daily and we do not have the same kind of set traditions as they do

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