Constructivist Approach To Life-Long Learning

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The study is anchored on the Constructivist Principle by Savery and Duffy (1995).The lifelong concept of Peters (1965). It is also anchored by the Rationalist principle, attaining lifelong learning model by Jarvis Model (2009) and the lifelong learning process by Harel & Papert (1991) and supported by Kidd (1973) that he explained that any kind of education must have the perspective of being a inner-directed or self-operating learner.
There are different approaches to life-long learning including the constructivist principle. However, they still agreed that life-long learning needs an active participation towards learning. The students has the choice of enhancing their cognitive skills by cooperating and letting themselves to learn by their
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It enables the student to explore things in different strategies and views. In this way the students will have a wider and will have higher perspectives. The student will be able to seek the kind of improvement they want for themselves. When the student has already the knowledge he or she will not let that knowledge stay unused. It will be an advantage for the student to use the capacities they have acquired and they will not just abandon it that easily. They will have the choice to make their knowledge useful or not. (1964 cited in Bailey 1988). The student will now have their views about the real life situation and applying their rational capacities and have to choice to continuously expand their educational proficiencies and cognitive attainments brought by lifelong…show more content…
This process helps the persons transformation by instilling in them more experiences and in this way the person has the capability to learn through connecting or relating things that is happening in real the world. Lifelong learning will surely contribute to the learning of the students and also to the learning society of today. The current demands of effective learning and education provide the institutions in physical therapy with more opportunities by developing lifelong learning process approach through problem based education. Integrating lifelong principles gives the learner satisfaction and options of genuine learning and helps the future health care providers to have the enough knowledge and applying it confidently .Lifelong learning has a really big impact on how the the student will apply the knowledge he or she has been taught to quiet sometime. Retaining the essence of acquiring the knowledge will change the features of lifelong learning and are useful because it helps in maintaining the learning society across universal dimensions. It refreshes and gives life to the student knowing that the information that has filled his mind will be very beneficial in practicing the profession
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