Reflection On Management And Leadership

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Title Michael C. Gieracz University of Maryland University College Title Earlier in my career upon one transition, I arrived at my new unit and was given an administrative position dealing with processing Soldiers to different military schools. Originally the position consisted of three positions of personnel who were transitioning elsewhere, but I had to do all three by myself. The position was very demanding and some days I felt I would never complete what needed to be done, but all was well as long as the boss did not get any phone calls. My boss eventually transitioned elsewhere and time came when I ended up getting a new boss who was much different as he asked a lot of questions about my position and started creating tasks for me to complete adding to the already large pile of daily work. What I didn’t immediately realize is he was using the human side of management and leadership by involving himself in my position, motivating me to do better, and was learning who I was as an individual; all aspects I value today that actually helped me perform better at my position, making life easier. Be Involved Being involved is one aspect of management and leadership that I feel holds a high place on the ladder. Involving yourself in the work conducted by your employees will make them feel important and earn you their trust, they will want to come to work, and they will perform better. Workers look at an involved leader with more optimism than a leader who

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