Reflection On Marx And Freud's Religious View On Religion

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Reflection Paper In this reflection paper, I choose Marx and Freud’s religious view to discuss, because in some ways their perspective of religion was similar. Marx thought Religions is pure illusion. It will be leading a worse consequence. Freud thought religion is a type of psychological tools to let us put our hopes、morality and ideality on the man who was called “God”, is a supernatural being,and trying to belittle their own value. We can see that, Marx and Freud hold negative views on religion. The main idea of Marxist thought is economic base determines superstructure,family、the Government、philosophy、ethic and religion are part of superstructure, their main purpose is to help capitalist to create number of rules through ideology,aims…show more content…
Marx thought people’s life will become better unless abolishing religion through revolution. Freud also thought if people have no religious belief,will have better life. They were trying hard to uncover the ignorance of religious from a scientific point of view,but there are loopholes in both their point of views. The communistic society which Marx appreciated belongs to materialism,it is opposite with the religion which belongs with idealism. But in ancient times,the structure of the society is similar with the communistic society proposed by Marx. In a certain stage of ancient times,each people performs their own functions and share properties. It is similar to the communistic society in a way. We cannot confirm there are no religion exist in the ancient times, so Marx cannot absolutely sure that under the communistic society,religion will not exist or religion is the principle factor that obstruct the development of communistic society. Freud’s perspective is people projecting father figure on the “God”. Obviously his theory seems constructed specifically to account for those theistic religion, the nontheistic religion does not suitable for
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