Reflection On Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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I started the unit 3 reflection with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and it’s was like showing me the picture of my life. It is exactly what I do in my daily life. First, I care about my physiological needs and as soon as those needs are met, it instantly sends my motivation to a different stage. So I have learned that human beings don’t need self-actualization or esteem when they don’t have the basic physiological needs met.
Today, I arranged my lecture notes and the assignment papers on my computer. When I got through with that, I received a review note from the instructor. That note changed my perception about writing and about my learning process in the University of the people. For the very first time, I realized that somebody higher in status is reading my assignment and willing to send me feedback of what I did well and what I needed to correct. The feedback was massive for me and it has shaped and sharpened my writing skill. Finally, I feel so motivated that I had to read and reread the reviewed work and the note from the instructor. It serves as a motivating factor to perform better than before.
Today, I completed the three assignment assessment. The assessment was a learning process for me because all assignments have something different from mine. The students’ perspective is culturally rich and this kind of setting integrate world culture into the learning
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