Reflection On Math Diagnosis

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Math Diagnosis
Kenique Walker-Reflection
I am a third year student-teacher at the Mico University College perusing my degree in Mathematics Education. Has a third year student I am required to complete a course called Math Diagnosis and Intervention at the Primary Level. In this course my lecturer Mrs. Baker-Gibson gave an assignment which required me to work in group of four to identify a student at the secondary level, design and administer a survey test to gather demographical, medical, educational information, mathematics competences and weaknesses of the student, teacher and parent of the student. All of that was done, the second part of the assignment is where I am required to analyze the Probe test that was completed by the student and conclude if there is a need for remediation or enrichment. Base on how the student has performed on the probe test, a consensus was made to initiate a remediation programmed to improve the student conceptual understanding of fractions and procedural fluency in solving fraction problems. This programmed lasted for four weeks from November 10, 2016 to December 1, 2016.
During the remediation process and the completion of the assignment I had a mixture of feelings. Throughout the teaching process or remediation process I was excited knowing that I was assisting the student to build a conceptual understanding of Fraction. However, during the completion of the assignment I felt like I was in a state of confusion and frustration. These

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