Personal Narrative: The Martian

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It was during my second year in highschool that I decided to take up the BS in Chemical Engineering program in college. What was I thinking back then? They say, us ChE students, maybe, were too young, too dumb to realize the nightmare that awaits us. Every single time I get to question myself why ChE, I try to go reflect on what was the main reason of me entering into this great of a challenge. I realized that from the very start I loved the environment. I loved to serve the people. I had this crazy idea of volunteering myself into a manned mission to space --- to make it sound more awesome --- to Mars. Speaking of, I couldn’t help but delight in this science fiction drama film, entitled, The Martian which is based on the book of the same name written by Andy Weir in 2011, The Martian.…show more content…
In a manned mission to Mars, the astronaut (with a PhD in Botany at the University of Chicago) Mark Watney is presumed dead after an unpredicted dust storm (although the atmospheric pressure in Mars is so low that the wind should’ve been negligible) hit which made the whole crew abort their mission an leave for Earth as soon as possible, leaving him behind. It was amazing how, according to my research, the travel time between Earth and Mars is so accurate as portrayed in the
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