Reflection On Moral Imagination

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The ability to view a scenario from the perspective of another person and create resolutions from that person’s standpoint is moral imagination. Moral imagination is more than empathy, more than just understanding a person’s position and feelings. To morally imagine, one must envision oneself in the scenario the other person is experiencing and comprehend the solutions from that person’s outlook. When one contemplates one’s actions in previous situations and examines one’s behavior, thoughts, and desires at the time, intending to judge whether one handled it ethically and effectively, one is morally reflecting. In this examination of conscience, I will morally reflect on a situation and use moral imagination with the objective of becoming better aware of my treatment of others. March 13, 2018, my daughter, Talia, returned home from school visibly upset. When I questioned her about her mood, she confessed that she had done something to a friend in her dance squad, Olivia, that was very unkind. A third friend, Mackenzie, had accused Olivia of pushing her and hitting her while the coach was not looking. Given Mackenzie’s history of lying, she and Talia knew it would be difficult to believe coming from just Mackenzie. So, Talia vouched for Mackenzie and swore to the coach that she had seen Olivia hit and push Mackenzie. However, when the principal and dean of students questioned Talia, her story changed. She had, in fact, never seen Olivia do anything of that

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