Reflection On Moral Imagination

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Moral imagination is the ability to imagine a scenario from the perspective of someone else and imagining resolutions you would expect if you were them. It is placing yourself under the stresses they are under and choosing successful solutions for you and the other person or persons involved. Moral reflection is the ability to look back at your behavior under certain circumstances and evaluate whether you handled it ethically and successfully. In this conscience examination, I will effectively morally reflect on a scenario that occurred February 2, 2018, using moral imagination. Using these two practices, I will evaluate my right and wrong actions to ensure more ethical behavior on my behalf in future scenarios. To effectually give you the facts, I will first need to present you with a small back story. Currently, myself and my two children are living at my mother’s until I can afford to turn the power back on in our own home. It is a relatively small, three-bedroom home where my mother, stepfather, and 12-year-old niece reside. My mother adopted my niece when she was still an infant and has cared for her ever since. She has emotional and mental health concerns and can act out at times. On Friday, February 2, 2018, I had just returned to my mother’s after finishing classes at Illinois College. It was noon, so the children were all still in school, but my mother was already appearing stressed. Quietly, we sat until it was time to pick the children up and return

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