Incentive Compensation: True Motivation

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Thank you for your participation in this week’s discussion board forum. I too chose motivation for my posting. Motivation is defined as the process that underlies the direction of behavior in intensity and persistence (Kinicki and Fugate, 2016). In my job, I am faced with day to day tasks that require my full attention. It is often hard to give my full attention when I feel down in the dumps. I oftentimes think of up and quitting my job and doing what I love; however, that is not only irresponsible- but also pretty impractical. While I am still in school, I am a full time student, a full time employee, and a full time wife. It is a challenge when I go into work and …show more content…

-Samantha RN


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Emotion can also be a huge factor that can influence one’s job. My husband often drives me to work, even though we have two vehicles, solely to be able to spend more time with me. However, sometimes this ends in arguments that leave my emotions in an angered or upset state as I’m walking into work. These emotions can also combine with the people I communicate with on a daily basis, and can lead to frustration and make work unbearable. Emotions play a very big role in job satisfaction and in motivating employees. The Two- Factor theory of emotion that was created by Schachter and Singer proposed that the wide variety of emotions is triggered by emotional arousal (Schachter, & Singer, 1979). For example, if you see a man walking up to you at night in a cold empty parking lot, mentally you notice the man. Then your heart begins to race and you start to tremble. Lastly, you recognize that your racing heart is caused by fear; hence you are afraid. This theory was put to the test in 1962, when Schachter and Singer injected epinephrine into 184 male participants. The drug created panic in the participants that were aware of the drug, but not those that were not aware of the

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