Reflection On Multicultural Diversity

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A REFLECTION ON MULTICULTURAL AND OTHER DIVERSITIES Dawn E. Horne Brenau University Abstract We are constantly surrounded by scrutiny fuelled by racism and bigotry based on people’s culture, social rank, gender and home language. This paper discusses my opinion of multicultural diversity and reflection on what I have observed during this course. First my opinion on multicultural diversities will be discussed. Thereafter, different concerns, issues and solutions to these issues concerning diversity within gender, race, culture, social class and language will be discussed. A REFLECTION ON MULTICULTURAL DIVERSITIES In a world where different cultures exist in the same place and are no longer separated from one another, understanding multicultural diversity becomes more important. However, understanding the diversities that do exist becomes a much harder task, as people often scrutinize cultures that are…show more content…
He continues to state that people of America strive for the idea of equality, although the inequality within America, based on economic and social affiliations, is higher than anywhere else in the world (Koppelman, 2016). In my opinion, we as Americans fight for freedom, yet we refuse to grant that freedom to others, purely based on our own opinions of people, their cultures, race and nationality. We use biased opinions, be they negative or positive, to judge people according to our own norms. We wish for a world of diversity, yet we separate people from ourselves without any real facts to strengthen these opinions. Koppelman(2016) states that humans have separated themselves from other humans who were different from themselves, yet research on DNA has proven that genetic variation occurs mostly within different groups of people, but also between these groups, which means that people truly are all
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