Reflection On My Ffa Membership

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My FFA membership has taught me more than I ever thought it would. When I first came back to YPS I was in eighth grade. This meant I was a Greenhand. Although Greenhands are supposed to be Freshmen, they were seventh and eighth graders here. I didn’t know what to expect. My sister, Maddy had been the Sentinel that year. At home, she talked about FFA, what it is, what it does, and how much fun she had. A few months into the next school year, Greenhand Officer elections had been announced. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in running, but I figured it could possibly open doors for me in the future, so why not go ahead and fill out the application and do the interview.
Here is where I really begin to learn. I took a look at the application and thought it looked easy. Then I looked at the last question and on the back of the page and I completely panicked. I didn’t know
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Little Shy Issac, now knew what to think about before an interview and could easily do it for next year’s process if I decided to. I’ve attended numerous COLTs (Chapter Officer Leadership Training), a 24 hour FFA officer training that happens three times a year, learning about Time management, new ways to bring members to your chapter, brainstorming ideas, and the list goes on. Additionally, I’ve attended Peoria Mini Leadership camp’s, National FFA Convention, NDLC camp out’s, District CDE competitions, and local chapter officer training with a private session with former state FFA officers, and countless hours during both chapter and officer meetings. During and after each of these, I’ve learned how to enhance my abilities to become a better leader, to get to know my colleagues better and understand how they think, and most importantly, I’ve learned about what type of person I’d like to become and who I am. Not to mention the revamping of my social skills after being in an isolated area for countless months only talking to people I already know and are comfortable
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