Reflection On My Literacy Journey

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In triad K, I have been able to reflect on my literacy journey, create amazing study habits, and learn more about rhetoric. In addition, I have learned how I can use rhetoric in everyday life. Although I know I still have not achieved the complex writing, I strive to get to, I still make use of what I already know and just try to build on it. Writing essays such as these and the others we have done in the class have really helped transform me into a better writer. We talked about literacy sponsors and had to write a literacy narrative, where I reflected my growth in writing, and created goals on how I would like to improve. Obstacles were the main reason of why I didn’t learn how to read at a young age, but the people who believed in me helped me achieve my reading goal. They inspired me and embedded in me that failure would never overtake me if my determination to succeed were strong enough. Deborah Brandt helped define a sponsor as someone or something that supports, teaches, and acts as a literacy model and helps a person establish a literacy foundation “… makes it possible for someone to become literate and shape the way the person actually requires literacy” (Brandt 43).…show more content…
Metacognition is an awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes. The writing process I use to help write my essays for English is the same writing process I use for history exams. I create an outline of what I want to write, then organize them into different paragraphs where I then elaborate on the ideas I wrote down. What I have realized as a writer the key important part of my writing process in order to create the final draft is to do peer reviews. When I have many people read my papers and edit them or analyze them, I am able to take the constructive criticism and produce a great piece of
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