Reflection On My Writing

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Writing is a topic that most people shy away from. Some think that writing is something only a few gifted people can do, but there is a writer in all of us. Upon starting this course there was some doubt in my mind if I would be able to write a paper that reflected a person with writing skills. Admittedly, there are still a lot of things I need to learn and practice on, but I have learned a lot throughout this course. I have been able to learn some tools that will help my ability to write on a college level. The structure of my sentences and paragraphs has improved dramatically. I have learned how to write different types of papers from my own composing process to a critical argument essay. After taking these classes I know believe that everyone has the ability to write. With time, effort, some creative thought, and a few skills, anyone can be a writer.…show more content…
I had building anxiety, fear, and doubt. Unfourtantly, my paper reflected those feelings. Being able to learn the importance of paragraph structure has helped improve my writing. When I started making corrections to my first paper I soon realized that the paper was going to have to be almost completely rewritten. The body of my paper was to short, there was no description in my paper and I was way off topic. After adding some description, removing a few sentences, and actually putting a thesis in the paper it showed signs of improvement. I’m sure it still needs some improving but, is a much better version then the
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