Reflection On National Honor Society

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Allexus Barnes 11th grade National Honor Society While I start to get in touch with colleges and universities, I have come to realize how much grades matter when planning for my future. Academically excelling in school has always been something I have made a priority. Since my first year of middle school I have received highest honor academics, not just because I care so much about my grades, but also because I care very much about my work and understanding. I am very lucky to have a great school to get an education from. Thornapple Kellogg is full of great energy. Our staff and teachers are always around for full support to all students, and that is another reason I feel I do good in school. My teachers motivate me to learn all I can.…show more content…
Character to me is the actions an individual takes for what they care about and believe is right. Character grows from the actions one takes and that is why it is beneficial to engage yourself into positive movements in your community. Athletics have always been important to me, and I feel they have a lot to do with who I have become. My character has grown from being a player, learning to be a hardworking teammate, and lead on the field, whether by example or by communication. My character has grown even more from being a referee. I have a different perspective of what sportsmanship means. While I have a responsibility to enforce the rules of the game and keep the players safe, I observe both positive and negative attitudes on the field. Seeing the positive sportsmanship on the field encourages me to have an even higher self awareness of my own sportsmanship. Now I am even a soccer coach, and I absolutely love it. I enjoy being able to share my knowledge of the game, to growing players. I believe I highly enjoy coaching because I have had so many great coaches in my athletic career. Coaches have been a great support throughout my life. They have pushed and pulled me to do my best and have taught me many lessons. Coaches are not just coaching us how to play a game, they are giving us real life lessons, developing us for success in the real world. I am highly grateful
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