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In the course of this class, one thing that we are supposed to do is listen to different cultures of music and compare them to today’s music while also comparing them to the stereotypes that music is viewed today for those cultures. In this class, we have listened to Popular Music as well as Native American Music. In this paper, we are reflecting on ourselves through the course of this class based on the different music we listened to, but mainly Native American Music, by interpreting, providing our overall takeaways, and also reflecting on the process of music-making. To start off with, what stands out to me regarding the music of this culture? While listening to this music I was being stereotypical about the whole Native
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First off, the main thing that stood out to me regarding the music and culture was the fact that even though their music sounds “different” than ours, it overall compares to our music in a very similar way. Native American Music was different in ways that it had more pulsation than our music, it uses different instruments like rattlers, water drums, flageolets, and musical bow, but also the process of their music was different and their performance was different, but their overall meaning was the same. For instance, the lullaby that we listened to in class really stood out to me because even though we couldn’t understand what they were saying unless we had a book to guide us, they still sang lullabies to their children and they still sang it softly, and we all can relate to it in American Music. Native American music has a different culture and traditions than we do but in the end, they still are doing the same things we do like singing to our children to go to sleep. This really stood out to me because I didn’t think their music was for similar things and for similar ideas to ours. Native American music might be more ceremonial than ours, more spiritual than ours, or more involved than ours but in the end they were doing music for the same reasons we

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