Reflection On Native American Music

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Reflective Essay 1

In the course of this class, one thing that we are supposed to do is listen to different cultures of music and compare them to today’s music while also comparing them to the stereotypes that music is viewed today for those cultures. In this class, we have listened to Popular Music as well as Native American Music. In this paper, we are reflecting on ourselves through the course of this class based on the different music we listened to, but mainly Native American Music, by interpreting, providing our overall takeaways, and also reflecting on the process of music-making. To start off with, what stands out to me regarding the music of this culture? While listening to this music I was being stereotypical about the whole Native American Music. I thought that the music was going to be all ceremonial type with a big group of individuals in a circle around a fire and dancing with vibrant clothes, but after learning about their music culture and such through online videos, I had a more understanding about Native American Music. For instance, I didn’t think Native American had such a variety of music. I didn’t realize that they had ceremonial music, that they had lullabies, that they had war music, picking-up girls’ music, or even music that is more settle and more planned out. This really stood out to me because I came into this class thinking that there was only one kind of music Native American’s performed or did versus all these varieties.
Besides what stood

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