Reflection On Neonatology Attachment

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During a week of neonatology attachment, I often found myself to be deep in thought, reflecting on what was happening in the environment of where I stand. I was surrounded by a calm and warm surrounding of neonatal unit. It is hard to imagine that some of the babies I saw were in a great distress. It is difficult to face the facts that these innocent children are sick. They are cute and lovely, but they are miserable and too young to know and to tell. However, it was fascinating to see all the staffs did their best to do what they can to help the babies, including the consultants, senior and junior doctors, the nurses, nutritionists, occupational therapist and everyone in the department. Cleanliness is very important while taking care of the…show more content…
In the meantime, he asked any doctors who step into the room to share their experience and their activities in neonatal unit. At first I was scared, thinking either I will be able to perform any tasks or to follow any activities that we were expected to do as they sound challenging and difficult, but when more doctors came and share their experience, it made me realised that neonatology could be more interesting than I thought and I can learn lessons that will be valuable not only in a life of medical profession but also as a human being as well. Professor Ryan also share his experience of his way in becoming a neonatologist that made me understand that to become a doctor is not easy, but the experience we gained throughout the journey surely worth the sacrifice as we will never knew when we are going to use all the knowledge but it was already there to make us prepare for any possible challenges. Other than doctors, we also meet the nutritionist and we learnt a lot about the importance of baby to be well-nourished and to do maintain so. Before that we met a physiotherapist that we learnt the human aspect in the care of babies. It was intriguing to learnt how skin contact affecting the babies so much and how the quiet environment is crucial in baby

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