Nursing Practice Reflection

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Introduction The course NURS 4102 Coordinating Nursing Practice offers a chance for me to learn how to corporate and apply nursing theories and knowledge learnt into real nursing practice. A variety of useful and practical knowledge for nursing practice were delivered by different lecturers and guest speakers. For example the leadership and management skills, theories and application in nursing and also resource, risk and crisis management in daily nursing practice. These knowledge prepared professional development for my future career as being a competent nurse. In this reflective journal, a major theme of knowledge that I have learnt which impressed me the most will be chosen and discussed. And a conclusion will be given at the end of the…show more content…
However, a competent nurse in my mind should try to avoid those personal factors while giving care to patients. The basic responsibilities of nurse are promote health and give care to patients. Even the belief of patient is different from me, I will still try to respect individual differences and give standardized care as it is my role to be fair while treating different patients and not to be judgmental. Attitude determines the altitude of our…show more content…
The reasons why I do it carelessly may due to lack of time or the patient is as stable as usual and no additional precautions have to be given. However, this is not a correct nursing practice while handling patients. I should be serious while filling in the forms as it poses great threat to patient safety if I estimated the conditions of patient wrongly. The improper nursing practice not only makes errors in risk management but may also kills a patient. And I hope I can promote this message to the others. Conclusion To conclude, all the aspects discussed in risk management are of the same importance. To be a competent nurse in risk management, I have to provide evidence and knowledge based practice, not to be judgmental in others values and beliefs, and always remember the how significant proper nursing practice is. Nevertheless, I should also be competent with other areas like leadership, resource and crisis management. All these areas contribute to my successful and professional future
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