Reflection On Nutrition Assessment

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Nutrition assessment is a process of collecting, integrating ad analyzing nutrition related data including food-drug interactions, cultural, religious and ethnic food preferences, age related nutrition issues and the need for diet counselling. Nutritional status is the condition of the heath of a person which is influenced by the intake ad utilization of nutrients. We can either have a normal nutritional status or a bad nutritional status known as malnutrition. If our body is taking food nutrients in the right amount to meet the body need, then it is considered as a good nutritional status. But on the other hand if the nutrients been provided for the body are not adequate or not properly utilized by the body then there will be an imbalance…show more content…
From my observation I have come to understand that if proper nutritional assessment is done there are so many nutritional imbalance that would have been avoided. During nutritional assessment I have to notice that it is an avenue for health educating people about balance diet. Some months back I saw a small girl of about 6years old who looked like a 12year old child. She was very obese. I was as surprised as to how her parents allowed her to become this obese. I chatted with the parents and asked the girl what she have been eating, she answered that she takes more of ice cream, cake and Indomie. The mother testified that she doesn't eat well and only eat those three things the girl mentioned well. It was obvious to me that they do not understand the harm they were causing to her. She is an only child and they felt they were granting her desires. By height and weight she is far beyond her age mate’s ad by her BMI she is obese. I was able to quickly tell them the implications of the type of food they were giving to her ad the consequences in the future. I told them that they have to change her nutrition ad help her to reduce weight and eat balance diet. I only silently prayed that they understood and implement the

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