Reflection On Oppression

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While reading the article A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege and Oppression made me really reflect on my lifestyle in which I am living at the moment in today’s generation. Spencer makes a wonderful connection in his article relating to those of different skin tone color, gender, and sexual identity. I really appreciate how he explains the issues each of these topics are addressed in today’s society. One of Spencer’s main thesis I absolutely loved he states “to create social change and promote social justice, we must begin this process with ourselves through a self reflective process that examines the contradictions between our espoused values and our lives experience. We must believe that all people, both from dominant and targeted groups, have critical role in dismantling oppression and generating a vision for a socially justice future. His connection is very true in order for social workers to help their clients in need we must first look upon ourselves. In order to understand where are clients are coming from we must put ourselves first in their shoes. Spencer explains this thoroughly throughout out his article.
Another main thesis in which Spencer can specify in his article he shares is “ My interests in issues of oppression, power, and privilege began with my own experiences as a person of color who has experienced racism. I identify primarily as Native Hawaiian , but I also identify as mixed race”. Spencer understands where individuals of different
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