Reflection On Organisational Behavior

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Roll No: 155060 The Organisational behavior class started with a surprise quiz on the topic which I was informed to study before the class. This taught me that, I should be ready with my work, whatever is expected from me to be done. And the class began with a debate between two groups on the topic “Whether Organisational Behavior as a course is essential or not?” Two groups presented strong points to defend their point of view on the question raised, which taught me how to be a team player and think critically to support my points in the argument. There was a topic about “The Manager’s Job” describing about the various folklores about a manager and what are the actual facts about a manager. A Manager is a person who plan, organize, coordinate and control. The topic also taught us that in most of the cases manager’s work is not planned, but largely based upon his intuitiveness and spontaneity. The different roles of a manager can be grouped as Interpersonal roles, Informational roles and Decisional roles. The effectiveness of a manager is mainly influenced by his insight into his own work. Then there were case studies which gave us an experience of real problems in corporate. There was a case about Michael Patterson which taught us how straightforward behavior in corporate can pose problems at certain times and it is not proper to come to a conclusion based on rumors. And we should never analyze a situation in only one perspective, we should even think of the others’
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