Reflection On Organizational Behavior

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Before I attend to this class, I think Organizational Behavior (OB) is a concept how behavior affects the management, leadership and relationship among people in an organization resulting from the meaning of OB word by word. Nevertheless, this assumption was changed after I attend the Organizational Behavior class, which has the subject code BUS 314 thanks to my lecturer- Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hoang, who put huge efforts to inspire me to learn this subject. At the beginning of this course, he drew an overview of Organizational Behavior, is a field of study that explores the impact of three determinants: individual, groups and structure of an organization. Furthermore, OB investigates the study of what people do in an organization as well as help them to recognize how their behaviors impact on the organization performance (Judge & Robbins, 2013). That the reasons why OB plays a significant role in business. More importantly, Mr. Hoang also instructs me how to apply the knowledge gained through this course for enhancing my personal development. The first valuable knowledge is that how to communicate with other people effectively. The second precious lesson is how to create a positive organizational culture. The final lesson is created positive emotions and moods are extremely crucial to improve the general performance. Thus, this essay will go deep into 03 specific knowledge and what they help me to enhance my personal development. The first point I have to mention here is the

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