Reflection On Othello

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Zarah Gutierrez Mr. Welch Period 3 AP English Lit April 4, 2015 Othello Lectures Reflection During the series of Othello presentations, presented from act to act, I gained not only a general plot of the play but also the importance of connection within the work and connections with other works. I only witnessed presentations of the latter three acts of Othello. Act three is the climax and turning point of the play, according to the group, act four is important, and act five is peak of Iago 's villainy. All of these groups did an exceptional work but Act IV did the most thorough analysis and made the important connections that other groups lacked. Nevertheless, these presentations provided me a general idea of what to search for and include in my close reading notes for Twelfth Night. My knowledge of the play started with act three. This group presented did not only specific themes and ideas of the act; they also showed how these tie into the play as whole, which gave me a vague idea of what the whole play is about, not only act three. In their discussion of characterization, there was an emphasis on the change in the characters, specifically Othello, and this turning point of the character coincides with the turning point of the whole play. I also learned that jealousy, pride, and gender relations are recurring themes of the whole play, and the group turns this to a reason why Othello is a great work of literature; the twenty-first century audience can relate to it
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