Reflection On Pansexuality

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Everyone goes through different events that can change how they 're viewed and how they feel in terms of maturity. For me, one event that stands out to me as a turning point is when I can out as pansexual to my family and friends. Pansexuality is the attraction to people of any gender/sex. I "came out of the closet" a few different times so far. Once to my mother, once to my father, and once to the rest of my family and friends on Facebook - publically. I was also outed to my grandmother by my mother. I didn 't really know who I was until I started grade 9. From kindergarten to grade 8, I attended the same school. While I was there, I always felt different and I never really fit in - I always felt different and I wasn 't sure what was necessarily different about me. Sexuality and gender was never spoken about at my school at the time, which is something I wish would change. When I started going to my high school in grade 9, I ended up joining our school’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), which is when I started being exposed to different genders and sexualities, and started discovering who I was. When I figured out I wasn 't heterosexual, and that I was in fact something different, I was immediately worried about how people would see me and if I would be accepted by my family and friends. You can never tell for sure if your family is going to be accepting, or if they will decide they don’t want a queer family member. When it comes to friends it’s a similar situation, you

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