Essay On Pansexuality As A Turning Point

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Everyone goes through different events that can change how they 're viewed and how they feel in terms of maturity. For me, one event that stands out to me as a turning point is when I can out as pansexual to my family and friends. Pansexuality is the attraction to people of any gender/sex.

I "came out of the closet" a few different times so far. Once to my mother, once to my father, and once to the rest of my family and friends on Facebook - publically. I was also outed to my grandmother by my mother.

I didn 't really know who I was until I started grade 9. From kindergarten to grade 8, I attended the same school. While I was there, I always felt different and I never really fit in - I always felt different and I wasn 't sure what was necessarily different about me. Sexuality and gender was never spoken about at my school at the time, which is something I wish would change. When I started going to my high school in grade 9,
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She has always been rather accepting of the queer community, generally speaking. I came out via text to my mother, while she was in another room or something along those lines. It was the easiest way for me to at least get it out of the way, and to kick start a conversation about it later on. My mother outed me to my grandmother and then left me to deal with it (I wasn 't happy with that...). Since she has been with her fiancée, she has started being a little more like him and a bit less accepting, which makes me a bit glad to be moving to come to Dalhousie (especially since I’ve seen that there is a Dal Out queer group I could be a part of).

I came out to my dad a week before I was supposed to see him - he took me out to dinner to talk about it. and I posted a status on my Facebook page to let my friends and everyone else I knew that I was pansexual. He then told my stepmother, who I didn’t want to tell at first for fear of her reaction, but it all worked out in the
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