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On February 10, 2018 at 0715, I was working my usually day shift at the mother and baby unit in credit valley hospital. I had 3 patients. The patient #1 was a new mom Gravida 1 Para 0, delivered (vaginal) on February 09 at 0107, she was having some difficulties feeding her baby. Patient #2 was also a vaginal delivery; Gravida 5 Para 4 with a high risk for postpartum hemorrhage was transferred to the unit from labour and delivery at 0415. My last patient was a caesarean delivery Gravida 2 Para 1, delivered on February 09 at 1050 to be discharged today. Prioritizing my work, I started off with vitals and morning checks. At 0800 I went in to check the patient #1. Vitals were: BP 98/67, HR 79, RR 14, and Temp 37.2. I assessed
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I went on to assess her fundus which was 1 cm below umbilicus, midline and center. After, doing my assessments on baby and everything was within normal. I got patient #1 up to the bathroom to urinate. She had small bloody tinged urine. Later, I went on to do vitals and assessment on patient # 2. After, vitals and assessment which were within normal, I went on to help the patient breastfeed her baby. I started off by encouraging her to do some hand expressions; with this she was able to express 5 mls in a syringe. I encouraged her to do this often and give it to her baby. Then using the cross cradle breastfeeding position, we tried fading baby on the left breast. Supporting the baby’s neck with her write hand, I asked the mother to lightly stoke baby’s lips with her nipples. After doing this, the baby latched on beautifully. I encouraged the mother to try and feed baby on both sides and I will be back to assess how much the baby was able to take. When I came back to assess the baby’s feeding, the mother proudly told me that baby fed for 30 minutes on the left breast and 30 minutes on the right. Lastly, I assessed my last patient and her baby everything was normal and I was able to do some of my health promotion teachings

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