Reflection On Peery's Egyptian Theater

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Saturday, October 8, I attended the Kelly Alvarez & Artists Concert at the Peery’s Egyptian Theater. While there was a lot of effort given in every movement, there were a few that particularly stood out to me.
One of the movement that stood out to me is the first movement, in the second act, Trek, of the concert, Illumination. It was performed by the male dancer, Jonathan Kim. The set for this dance was quite simple. There was very little light given on stage, and it mainly consisted of a lantern that the dancer was using to tell his story. The music was airy and almost creepy giving a sense of aloneness. His movements were light and the story gave off that he was lost. He would glide from spot to spot slowly, and purposefully. He then would stop in that direction in a strained pose; reverse tendu. It almost seemed like he was lost within a dark cavern and was searching for an
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It was performed by the two dancers: Carole Biers and Jestoni DagDag. Just the name of the movement itself leaves some clue of what will be told in the story. The stage lighting is quite dark and shows only a little light on the first dancer. She is a lone girl wandering aimlessly in the dark searching for something anything. She is in a spiritual in-between. The lights then shine on the second dancer. He is imitating that he is carrying a heavy load. His movements are strained and slow. He is very burdened by the weight he carries. The two dancers move onto interacting with one another with a lightened stage. Their movements make it seem like they are reliving their lives before they died. Showing the good times, as well as the things they did wrong in life. They then imitate the hands on a clock showing the passing of time in their mortal life. The ending shows the two baring the weight of wrongs that they had done in their mortal life. They are suffering and miserable. They were in
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