Reflection On Personal Development

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Question 2
It has been just over three full months since I walked into a class full of people I could not recognize. I looked around to see if I can spot any familiar faces but that was difficult as the class was filled with Wits Plus first year students. As a person who prefers nurturing the already existing relationships, I felt a bit nervous when I could not find the people I know in this class. However a sense of relief quickly swept over me when some friends whom I am on third year Psychology class walked in the lecturer room. Even though I believe that communication is undoubtedly one of the most important skills to hone, I walked in not expecting much from the course as I believed it would be nothing different from assertive training, verbal communication and presentation skills that I had already been taught in my prior degree. In this essay I will discuss my personal growth as an individual, the learning I take away with me from the Communication Course. Lastly, I will reflect on the skills and knowledge that I have acquired from this course.
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However from being in this university I have found myself harnessing, nurturing relationships and friendships that I have managed to build during my time as a student. In a way I could say being an adult learner has taught me that ‘no man is an island’ as I have since realized the importance of making and maintaining relationship both at school and in my personal & working lives. For example in my previous degree I never belonged to a study group but opening myself to new relationships here at school has allowed me to have people I can rely on if for whatever reason I was not able to attend class or to have people to help me understand certain concepts that I struggled with in my
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