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De Montfort University Niels Brock Business College United kingdom Copenhagen, Denmark Assignment 3 Personal Reflections on my Learning on the “Introduction to UK Graduate Study” Module Module: CORP3801 Module Tutor: Sharon B. Pedersen Submitted by: (with DMU ID) Words counted: 826 P14010516 Date: 4th May 2015 Reflective writing is writing which involves '… consideration of the larger context, the meaning, and the implications of an experience or action' (Learning, 2015) Introduction to U.K Graduate study in Denmark is the foundation of other subjects as it shows the ways about tackling other subjects in Pre Masters as well as Master. When we talk about this model, it helps us in many ways as it is taught by energetic tutor who is reading to help us in my situation. This module is designed to introduce to be practical rather than theoretical. Here we learn many things…show more content…
Compared to previous study, I am doing well and I am also totally hopeful that I will be really doing well in my study in the future as well. So all this has been due to the excellent guidance of Sharon who is always thinking about us as well as our study in the days to come. So, in the conclusion, I really appreciate to Sharon as well as all the members of Niels Brock for their contribution and also hope that their contribution as well as dedication will goes on continuing forever in the days to

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