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Reflection 3 I was looking for a new activity that would give me an additional skill. My motivation after this activity according to Maslow hierarchy of needs is Security as I need to secure a job. Archery will now be added to my list of skill when looking for a job in the adventure tourism sector such as Adventure Centers. I perceived that the course would also fit into the "Love/Social" as I thought it would improve my social skills.
The Humanmetrics - Risk Attitudes Profiler™ says that "In order to succeed in life, you must determine what you should do and what you should avoid doing." After I had completed the Course I took the test on Risk Attitudes Profiler and found that the result was that
Your Risk Attitude Index 76%

Risk Attitude Low
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A second result from the test identified me an Adventurer - as a secondary type. This defined my Risk Profile. My Primary type was described as INSPIRED.

However they then explained that this person has
"The need for excitement of risk is an inexhaustible source of energy for a great part of your life. This energy sometimes drives you to endeavors which have a negative impact on and even endanger your life"

I do not recognize myself in this description as I am cautious and do not like taking serious risks. I did find that I was very able to learn quickly and to teach another student but I was careful about using the equipment as my coach had advised against taking risks with it.

A Secondary definition was that I was that of an ADVENTURER. Humanmetrics defined this as "People of this type are not made for quiet life" While being active and taking part in outdoor activities is my preferred career choice, I like it to be planned so that there is as little risk as possible and where there is risk I can plan to reduce it as much as
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I wanted to learn how to manage an archery activity in a commercial environment and to upskill myself so that I could teach beginners. A commercial environment is very different to an archery club as the users in the commercial environment may only shoot on one occasion and the users will not all be the same age and size. There will also be less trained supervisors at commercial centres. Also the club archer will have more supervision and will have regular coaching so will be better able to shoot safely. The Course provided me with the skills to see risks, the knowledge of how to prepare and repair equipment, the knowledge to show a user how to shoot an arrow properly and the proper stance to shoot arrows
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