Reflection On Personality

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Psychobiography: Final Reflection on Theories of Personality It is documented that personality is what all about psychosomatic system’s approach of any person that take a broad view of his/her behavior and outlook (Feist & Gregory, 2009). But, for this paper, when I go into the detail study, which aimed at analyzing assorted personality theories with human behavior, I have found leading categories regarding theories of personality, explaining unlike human behaviors and outlooks. However, the given study does not meet its expected goal of finding personality theories to understand human behavior absolutely, but then again, it has accumulated critical information regarding different factors and dynamics’ role in getting useful data about human behavior through studied personality’s theories. In truth, I have garnered worthwhile materials about the personality theories along with human behavior. The thesis of the paper- Focus upon my exploration on the different types of personality theories, I learn that different personality theories have a big part in understanding the human behavior and it also serves me well; still, it is also true that I am unable to comprehend human behavior and crux of the considered personality theories. A Discussion of Your “Before and After” Understanding of Theories of Personality Up till at this moment, my understanding upon theories of personality remains up to only people’s emotion, desire, attitude and behavioral
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