Reflection On Personality Test

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Doing a Masters in Human Resource Management, over the duration of my course I have been exposed to various personality tests. The personality tests and instruments laid a foundation of understanding about the different personalities as well as my own strengths and weaknesses. It was a learning experience, connecting the connecting the results of the tests with my own self-concept and understanding myself as to which motivational or learning method will I respond to better and how to implement the learnings in my life. Taking the Big 5 personality test, it was no surprise to learn that I was inclined towards introversion and agreeableness. My biggest shock while taking the MBTI this week was the fact that I came out to be ISTJ, while only last year I had tested as INFP. I feel this difference was a combination of both the fact that the method of administration was different and that I have slowly been changing over the past year having moved from a technical background to a managerial one, and slowly adapting to the different environment around me. Though I knew about the kind of person I am, actually seeing it described it in print helped me analyse myself better. ISTJs are supposed to be to have high integrity, logic and dedication – qualities that I feel I do possess to a large extent. I have always been more interested in facts and making logical decisions. I have sometimes had difficulty in understanding (quite often getting frustrated) people who feel facts are not

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