Reflection On Physical Education

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Over the past three lectures, as a future classroom teacher, I have felt that I have learned a lot and have tons of respect for those who are about to become PE teachers. The first lecture of this class was talking about what exactly physical education is and the importance of making sure it stays in today’s school. The second lesson focused on the movement and motor skills of each child and being able to evaluate what they can and can’t do. Knowing that PE is for fun and to get students moving and not all about putting those with advanced skills on one team and those who are beginners on another team. Being “fair” but still making it a learning experience for each no matter the ability or disability of each child in the class. The last lecture focused on the different aspects of adapted physical education and the laws that have been passed for students with the 13 types of disabilities categorized by IDEA. Lots of information was thrown at us during these lectures, but that is to help us all in different ways and managing students with and without disabilities. You never want to make a child feel like they are different, keeping that in mind can be key to making one a successful teacher or not. Physical education can be defined as learning about and through movement, a teacher should be practicing tell me, show me, and let me try in any situation is school. For the students to take part in physical activities they are more likely to perform better academically, pay
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