Reflection On Pleasure And Love

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It seems that in a paper on a certain subject that one should most likely predicate and discuss is their subject. However, the delight of writing a paper on philosophy is that one does the action that is being discussed. The discussion is the action, and is the philosophy. This is my fond pleasure that philosophy becomes my work as I write about it. It would seem similar to the analogy of writing a paper on baseball, and then actually playing it in the action of the writing. The 'study' of philosophy is quite amazing. Another delight of philosophy is that it comes from you. But, not only you, everything else as well. Philosophy is the channel of life, in which the human mind comes to understand. Philosophy is the human subject. We are all philosophers, and if we are not, are we human? In this paper I seek to integrate three texts from our class to weave a reflection around a major theme of the class. In my understanding Pleasure and Love are simply two of the most complex human capacities that we can recognize (there could be capacities we aren't able to). In this paper I will define Pleasure with a division of the term into 'physical Pleasure' and 'non-physical Pleasure'. Physical Pleasure will be defined as, 'A human's senses comfortably complying with its own bodily…show more content…
Love is more than complex, it is purely indescribable and I would not advise creating your own definition. Love is so necessary, but inevitably misunderstood in verbal language. Body language and art are the best forms of communicating love in its fullest sense. It seems that all people want love, like Manuel and Esteban, but not all are able to have their need for love filled. Love cannot be measured, because there is no limit for the need of love. We can measure pleasure, because the word itself implies 'the measure by which one is pleased'. Can we solely live for Love if there is no fulfillment in which our capacities may be

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