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At the starting point of Writ 151 course, I have recognized some strong points such as vocabulary, taking note and brain storming ideas. However, I still make some mistakes of grammar and spelling or writing under words limit that lead my score sometimes was decreased. Looking again my setting goal at the beginning of the course, I showed that I need to improve my writing in order to gain higher score in IELTS test and pass all the courses in joint-training program so that I can get a good degree for finding a job. Because of the first aim: writing 's improvement, I attempt to limit the maximized of my writing faults. In this portfolio reflection, I will present three evidences for my efforts: workshop 1, feedback of perspective of plagiarism and Essay 2. In terms of strength after twenty workshops, I realized my development of reading skills when tutor asked Iand my classmates read an article or one part of the book before we wrote a respond. Read and read make me know more definition of new concept and ability of understanding main ideas rose after twenty workshops. Reading practice in lessons can contribute a little knowledge for me and it can be considered as a foundation for taking "read before write" skill. On account of reading a lot, I can learn ways to remember information that I have read in order to write a respond or an essay. Writing a respond is also my additional strength which proves readers about my knowledge by presenting supporting or critical opinions.

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