Reflection On Pressure At Work

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Summary— Life for all of us has its low moments. We wrestle with emotions that are painful, that trouble us deeply. We encounter experiences that challenge us, pressure us, and it’s up to ourselves how we are going to deal with it. These pressure can be our motivation to do the job well or it can be a way to put stress in our well-being that can make us upset. Some pressure at work can be motivating, but when it becomes excessive or too much it can eventually lead to work-related stress. These stresses make us anxious and upset. Everyone who has ever held a job has felt the pressure of it. Any job can have stressful elements. In the long run, we may experience pressure for us to meet a deadline or to fulfill a challenging obligation. When these work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming and harmful to both physical and emotional health that can eventually lead to problems that can be difficult to handle and sometimes we put others too at risk. These things that make us upset doesn’t just disappear or change when we head home for the day. Take a little time to think that most of our upset issues are with daily small irritations because we conditioned ourselves to become irritated. And when the next little thing occurs, our body reacts. Others that can make us upset are really aren’t our issues. Even how small irritant is, we tend to have an emotional meltdown over it. We react and suppress our emotions throughout the day, making us more upset and tension arises

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