Reflection On Professional Development

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Introduction This discussion provides a reflective assessment on my experiences and development in three years study. The intention of this reflection is to demonstrate an understanding of my views on sport coaching of reflection and the issues surrounding reflective practice. Firstly, I discuss my personal and professional skills development. To do this, I have used academic models of reflection to reflect on my personal skills, enquiry skills and Project modules. All of these can step-by-step help me develop my personal and professional skills, also provide a foundation for continued professional development. To conclude my reflection, I have discussed my future employability, how to use the skills and experiences to own professional development,…show more content…
The two major problems seriously affected my progress of report, this stemmed from my lack of enjoyment at my research, although this project topic chose by myself, I still contemplated give up several times. Time management in this project is not good enough, all the work was too intensive, could not evenly dispersed work which will increased my workload. Time management is the process of organizing and planning how much time I spend on my project chapter. Invest some time in my comprehensive collection of time management articles to learn about managing my own time more efficiently, and save my time in the future. Also the effectiveness of self-management will directly affect time management, self-management is a key skill that will help me throughout my life. It involves setting goals and managing your time. Developing my motivation and concentration skills will help me to overcome the lure of procrastination. Effective self-management will help me to avoid stress and provide me with more opportunities to get times to finish my…show more content…
Also consideration feedback received on my work has helped me correct my weaknesses and further develop my strengths in the future. Overall, I am satisfied with my progress, but I am also aware that there is always space for improvement and I feel prepared to go into the workplace. I believe my experiences at university have increased my employability and feel that I have a lot to offer to employers, because of the professional and personal development that has occurred in the last three
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