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IX. Professional Reflection – added after lesson is taught Your reflection should include, but not be limited to, thoughtful answers to each of the following:

1.Were the instructional objectives met? How do I know the students learned what was intended?

The instructional objectives of my reading lesson plan were met. I know that the students in my class learned what I need them to learn from my reading lesson. The students learned what was intended and I was able to measure this based on my assessment and evaluation that I gave.

2.Were the students productively engaged? How do I know?

The students were productively engaged during the lesson plan and learning process. Furthermore, I know that the students were productively engaged based on the comments and questions that they said during the lesson. During the lesson the students were excited about the group work and reading materials.

3.Did I alter my instructional plan as I taught the lesson? Why?

During my lesson, I did have to alter my instructional plan as I taught the lesson. Therefore, the reason that I had to change my instructional plan was because, my students needed for me to model the lesson concept more than I had planned. Furthermore, the students were able to effectively complete their individual work after I added additional time to model for them how to find the main idea of a piece of text.

4.Did I provide accommodations as needed and were these effective?

During my lesson, I did provide

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